Jop Gorris | Actor • Theatre Maker • Content Creator
Jop Gorris Actor • Theatre Maker • Content Creator
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I engage myself with artfully and entertaining experiences, inspired by the imperfection of human beings.


It all started in 2007, when my parents gave me a camcorder. I both directed and played in front of the camera, which was a playful way to develop my creativity. After this period, I followed fundamental acting training at UCK private school of arts.


Nowadays I take part in a variety of projects, including: Hamlet (title role), The 39 Steps (multiple characters), short films, and solo performances.


  • VICIOUS viewing

    Two young men accidentally collide in a street; In that moment they consider their impulse to conflict, and share a vision. Vicious is an abstract-poetic short film that philosophizes on the recurring phenomenon of conflict and war. We have been finishing this film this year and in collaboration with Cinetol, an inviting platform for new art and niche, we would like to share it with... ...

  • Planning on Blowing Up the Cheese Store

    No obligations… just the need to create plain comedy. That was the starting point for making ‘Planning on Blowing Up the Cheese Store.’ It is because I do not always want to create material that serves a purpose other than entertaining. Sometimes it is refreshing to give creativity full play, by only concerning myself with the question: would this be fun to watch? The plot in a nutshell: there... ...