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1 season, 3 premieres

This summer was an eruption of projects concluding. From May till July, there was a premiere each month.   The kick-off in May was provided by Ifigeneia Koningskind (Iphigenia King's Child), a modern rewriting of the populair Greek tragedy. Margreet Derks graduated with this play from Fontys University of Arts, in which I portrayed both Menelaos and Achilles. Although my first stage experience dates back to 2009, I have never played...

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The Watcher release

Today, director Ruwan Heggelman released his (very) short horror film The Watcher, as submission for the 15 Second Horror Challenge. Making a film with a 15 seconds length is not any easier than making a regular-lengthed short film, if you want your story to build up from 0 to 100 without losing sight of details. Believe me, I was there...

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Stanley & Not Stanley

As the mood struck me previous week, I started working on a series of audio stories, starring two Scottish lads: Stanley, and his friend who's known as not Stanley rather than by name. The concept of these stories is that we can only hear not Stanley, who's basically such a nutcase that the listener can easily guess what Stanley's reactions would be (and in some cases the reactions of...

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Planning On Blowing Up The Cheese Store Teaser

I was pretty glad with how 'For The Sake Of Montage' turned out, which stimulated me to use the style of mockumentary and improvisation in my next piece of work. 'Planning On Blowing Up The Cheese Store' pretty much explains the motive of this new character. But what makes this project different from the previous one? Firstly, it relies a bit more on comedy and has no specific...

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Foortlanders hangover

Yesterday evening, our first play together premiered in Amersfoort. The 'Foortlanders' switched rapidly from sketch-scenes to verbal fights, to settle their disagreement once and for all...

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For The Sake Of Montage

Most of the times I work with a director. Sometimes I feel the need to create something independently. In this case, I've developed a character with a sexual preference for himself, and see what happens. It was mainly an excuse to improve my improvising skills and imagination. But obviously, the choice of playing a narcist doesn't come without a reason. I was anticipating on a great challenge. Actors need to somehow identify themselves with the...

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