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What is a Foortlander? Well, to begin with, it's something Dutch. Secondly, a Foortlander is rather unknown yet. Two of them have recently introduced themselves on Facebook as a theatre duo: Thij de Haan, and me. We've combined our interest in physical-absurd theatre, and approach social topics with comedy. Currently we're working on a play that'll be brought to the stage in June this year.   Updates considering our...

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The road of my philosophy

Today I got struck by philosophic thoughts, as they never come on demand, but only when needed. Little did I know, an appointment to evaluate the purpose of art was scheduled for today. Why have I chosen to become an artist - the bumpy lifestyle of an artist? Why is it so difficult to find a clear answer? I suppose because not having a clear answer, formula or code,...

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The Plough and the Stars

The benefit of playing in a small theatre, would be the up close experience for the audience, which affects the actor's performance no doubt. The Plough and the Stars knows scenes with quite different dramatic energy - from comedy and comical fights, to serious business and battle - which cut rapidly from one to the next; a two hours drive of 'slaps in your face, because the situation has changed.' What does...

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Providentia Teaser

This summer, Pauw Media finished shooting Providentia, an independend Dutch short film about regret and forgiveness. It's a long excpected cooperation with director Jacob-Carl Pauw, after we met during different shootings 2 years earlier. I found it very interesting that, next to acting, I've been provided this opportunity to contribute a bit to the screenplay in terms of dramatic structure. We've thrown ourselves into an abandon forest area to find my...

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